Divorce Mediation

The Divorce Mediation Center offers an effective, private and confidential collaboration under the auspices of an experienced/certified mediator with the goal of negotiating  a mutually crafted divorce/separation agreement for submission/approval of the Court.

The Divorce Mediation Center’s professional environment encourages divorcing couples not only to acknowledge that the marriage cannot continue, but also honor the transition from one path to two.

Why Mediate ?  For couples capable of expressing their respective interests/positions, seeking to do right by their children, willing to make full financial disclosure and amenable to reasonable compromises, the answer is “Why not?”

Disagreements are to be expected, compromises are required – yet, the certainty of a mutually crafted written agreement trumps absolutely the uncertainty of relying upon an overworked, impersonal court system to make life altering decisions about you, your children, property and finances.

Divorce mediation is usually concluded within 3 sessions and normally costs between $2,000 – $3,000.

There is no charge for the initial consultation (up to two hours).