Andover Classic Wines
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The knowledgeable, experienced staff at Andover Classic Wines provides comprehensive consulting services for collectors of all budgets and experience levels. Storage conditions and methods. Building a collection within a budget. Fundamentals and Strategies of Wine Collecting. While tailoring our advice to meet the tastes, budgets and goals of each individual cellar, we help our clients to achieve the fundamentals of any wine cellar: “Staggered Maturity.” The ideal cellar will have, at any given time in a collector’s life expectancy, a selection of bottles that are at peak maturity, so that the collector can visit the cellar at any time to hand-pick a wine in peak condition. “Classics v. Personal Favorites.” The wines we love ten years ago are not always the wines we love today. On the other hand, some wines – the great Bordeaux, California Cabernets – never go out of style. We help achieve a balance between the “classics” and our client’s personal favorites. “Geographic Balance.” Ten years ago, few were drinking the great Rhone wines; today, a classic Cote Rotie can cost a small fortune. The collector with foresight — and a willingness to venture to new parts of the world — is now enjoying mature Rhones at 1990 prices. We scour the world for age-worthy wines from up-and-coming regions. Wine Tastings: Andover Classic Wines provides wine-tastings and informal seminars for dinner parties, company outings, charity outings, and informal gatherings of friends and family. BEVERAGE CATERING When planning your next function, Andover Liquors offers the most complete beverage service available. We carry the largest selection of fine wines, beers and spirits on Boston’s North Shore. We can also provide sodas, juices, waters and ice. Our staff will be happy to help you match wines with your menu and budget. Fill out the estimate request form by clicking the link below, or call us at (978) 470-0500 for more information.