About Us


The Andover Guide provides online and print advertising services that are targeted to the Andover, Massachusetts community. We partner with local civic organizations in the Merrimack Valley that provides services to the needy in our community.

For the past 14 years we have been providing our clients excellent online and print advertising exposure.  In 2014 we expanded our services to include the North Andover community based on feedback from our clients and local residents.

I have lived in Andover for the past 40 years. Our business is focused on providing our clients the best advertising value in the area. The Andover Guide and The North Andover Guide are mailed to every household in the community and our online & print  guide is a great resources  for residents to locate products, services and community information.

We welcome your feedback regarding our services. Copies of The Andover Guide are available in the Andover Town Hall Lobby throughout the year.


Richard Strong
The Andover Guide